1980 Ferrari 308GTSi #XA0034439
(~1749 308 GTSi models were built 1980-83)
Per Continental, original delivery date was 01 Jan 1980
Mileage 32525 (3/1/2024) 3 owners
She now lives in Indian Head Park, IL 60525
NOTE: 1980 was the first year of fuel injection on the 308 (hence GTSi)

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Summaries of Continental Auto Sports service records.

12 October 2010
INVOICE# 24291
Mileage Out 31233

Replace fuel pump
Lube parking brake

NOTE: Invoice (below) shows
mileage out was 32333.
Determined was typo cuz
mileage in was 31230.

29 June 2011
INVOICE# 25237
Mileage Out 31279

Proactive major engine service
Replace all belts and hoses
incl new timing belts
and tensioner bearings
Set timing to spec

New L radiator fan motor
Oil/filter change
RR wheel bearing
Repair L door lock
Repair/adjust parking brake
New window regulator
Replace coolant & bleed system
New clutch disc and bearing
New fuel pump check valves

31 August 2020
INVOICE# 40485
Mileage Out 32317

Replace heater hose
chewed by mice
Replace coolant,
bleed system
Replace fan temp switch

28 October 2020
INVOICE# 40546
Mileage Out 32328

Fix turn signals
(Replace hazard switch)
NEW Michelin TRX tires
Rebuild rear brake calipers
Adjust parking brake
Replace brake fluid,
bleed system
Replace fuel pump

As of 3/1/2024,
new tire mileage 197

Continental Auto Sports Service History
Detailed invoices 2010-present (FLIPBOOK)

Original owners manual (pending), spare stock wheel & tire (off-size used Michelin XVS 195/70-14)
1 set ignition wires, alternator/water pump belt (Gates 7M975), timing belt, heater fan motor
Old set Michelin TRX tires (lotsa tread left), 2 hydraulic rear lift support struts
Broomstick to hold up rear gate. I debated installing the new struts, but I didn't. My experiences
indicated it was better to let rear gate slam shut, cuz I initially had issues with it latching tight.
Photos of these will be available in the next few days as sunny weather is due in IHP.
Missing battery hold-down clamp (currently using long thick zip ties to do the job),
1" windshield crack at rear mirror (no degradation since 2010 -see photo),

For more info, email brian@brazda.com

More photos here soon
Cherry on WJYS-TV62 Chicago
'The Mystery Is Solved' Aired 11 pm Friday, 10/28/11
Excerpts From Show
Trailer / Promo Commercial
0:14 Cherry peel-out ala Magnum PI